2023 Commencement

May 12, 2023 - Ceremony for Class of 2023 PhD, DSW, MSW and MSN

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Faculty Directory

When it comes to earning an advanced degree, what you learn can be just as important as whom you learn it from. The USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work has consistently attracted well-respected scholars and researchers who not only expand the minds of students but also push the boundaries of their respective fields.

Daniel Hackman Daniel Hackman
Assistant Professor
Benjamin Henwood Benjamin Henwood
Robert Hernandez Robert Hernandez
Assistant Teaching Professor
Susan Hess Susan Hess
Associate Teaching Professor, Practicum Education
Janett Hildebrand Janett Hildebrand
Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing
Suh Chen Hsiao Suh Chen Hsiao
Associate Teaching Professor and Director, Practicum Education
Harry Hunter Harry Hunter
Associate Teaching Professor
Michael Hurlburt Michael Hurlburt
Associate Professor
Steve Hydon Steve Hydon
Teaching Professor, Practicum Education and Director, Social Work in Schools
Jane James Headshot Jane James
Assistant Teaching Professor
Yuri Jang Yuri Jang
Dawn Joosten-Hagye Dawn Joosten-Hagye
Associate Teaching Professor
B.K. Elizabeth Kim B.K. Elizabeth Kim
Assistant Professor
Sara Kintzle Sara Kintzle
Deputy Director, Military and Veterans Programs
Tracie Kirkland Tracie Kirkland
Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Nursing
https://dworakpeck.usc.edu/sites/default/files/2022-07/Lee_Jungeun%20Olivia_BW%20%28002%29.jpg Jungeun Olivia Lee
Associate Professor and Director, PhD Program
Terri Lee Terri Lee
Associate Teaching Professor, Practicum Education and Assistant Regional Practicum Director, Northeast Region
Jenebah Lewis Jenebah Lewis
Assistant Teaching Professor, Practicum Education
Jennifer Lewis Jennifer Lewis
Associate Teaching Professor, Director, Master of Social Work Program and Director, Doctorate of Social Work Program
Omar Lopez Omar López
Teaching Professor, Practicum Education and Assistant Dean, Recruitment and Workforce Development
Kelley R. Macmillan Kelley R. Macmillan
Associate Teaching Professor, Practicum Education
Sara Mcsweyn Sara Mcsweyn
Senior Lecturer
Phil Meyer Phil Meyer
Associate Teaching Professor, Practicum Education
Renee Michelsen Renee Michelsen
Associate Teaching Professor and Northeast Regional Coordinator, Practicum Education
Samuel Mistrano Samuel Mistrano
Associate Teaching Professor
Michalle Mor Barak Michàlle Mor Barak
Dean's Professor of Social Work and Business
Richard Newmyer Richard Newmyer
Senior Lecturer
Dorothy Nieto manzer Dorothy Nieto Manzer
Senior Lecturer
Aimee Odette Aimee Odette
Assistant Teaching Professor
Hans Oh Hans Oh
Assistant Professor