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Student Organization

The Student Organization Board provides a working relationship among all students in the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work to meet the changing demands of social work education and to present to the faculty and administration the students’ positions on the improvements of social work and social work education that will have lasting impact upon the student, university and community. For additional information, please contact the 2017-2018 President Alonso Fuente at or Vice President Yessenia Gonzalez at

Find us on Facebook: USC School of Social Work Student Org.

Chloie Sierra

Adriana Guerrero
Vice President

Faryal Kharal

Diana Mata

Pao-Sheng (Johnson) Chang
Community Service Chair

Jessica Yun
Social Chair

Vanessa Sedano
Elections and Recruitment Chair

Alexandra Zaragoza
Graduation Chair

Priscilla Close
Orange County Representative

Jesus Ortega
2nd Year GSG Representative

Nichole Schumacher
MSN Representative

Mathew Vasile
Virtual Academic Center Community Representative

Katie Thompson
Virtual Academic Center Southern California Representative

Casie Clay Branson
Virtual Academic Center Southeastern Representative

Philip Breeze
Virtual Academic Center Northeastern Representative

Marium Quershi
Virtual Academic Center Northwesten Representative