Student org event on campus

Student Organization

Student Organization allows student leaders at the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work to assist the student body in meeting the changing demands of social work education by offering various community events and town hall meetings with school administration. Student Org actively works to present to the faculty and administration the students’ positions on the improvements of social work and social work education in order to have a lasting impact upon the student, university, and community. For additional information, please email Student Organization at and watch Liset Escobar, Student Org President, share about their experience:

Find us on Facebook: USC School of Social Work Student Org
Find us on Instagram: @uscsowkstuorg

Student Organization Board 2020-2021

Liset Escobar

Andrew Luhar
Vice President

Ariana Sedighpour

Corissa Sullivan

Kimberly Nguyen
Community Service Chair

Victoria Reyes
Social Chair

Kathy Bustamante
Elections & Recruitment Chair

Ada Martinez
Graduation Chair

Malik Jamal Avery
Second Year GSG Representative

Sergio Manzo
First Year GSG Representative

Jasmine Edwards
Virtual Academic Center Communication Representative

Rebekah Hong
Virtual Academic Center Southern California Representative

Kat Tinkham
Virtual Academic Center Southeastern Representative

Shaina Purser
Virtual Academic Center Southwestern Representative