Social Work Ceremony Eligibility

Students who complete their degree in August 2019, December 2019, May 2020, or August 2020* are eligible to participate in the 2020 Social Work ceremony. Questions about eligibility should be sent to your program.

MSW: Social Work Registrar or VAC Registrar
DSW: DSW Registrar
PhD: Malinda Sampson, PhD Program Manager
MSN: MSN Registrar

August Graduates

*August 2020 graduates can choose to participate in May 2020 or May 2021. Only students who have completed a minimum of units (see below) by the end of Fall 2019 and have a minimum 3.0 GPA will be included in the school's printed program. Students matriculating in August 2020 who do not meet these requirements will be included in the school's May 2021 printed program. In either case, August 2020 graduates can participate in the social work ceremony, have their name called and walk across stage. The unit requirement is only for printed recognition.

MSW: 47 units
DSW: 27 units
PhD: 48 units (excluding 794abcdz dissertation credits)
MSN: 39 units