Dworak-Peck Connect

Dworak-Peck Connect

Your Exclusive Network

Dworak-Peck Connect is an innovative online platform that links alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends of the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work and its Department of Nursing. Through this supportive network, you can share work experiences, explore new career opportunities, and even reconnect with peers and colleagues. Dworak-Peck Connect was built for you so you can connect and network specifically with social workers and nurses, find other practitioners with similar skills and career interests, and interact with all class years and programs around the world.

You can access our professional development programming, network with new and existing connections, and utilize Dworak-Peck Connect as a platform to share career insights and opportunities with your social work and nursing peers.

Exclusive Resources

Dworak-Peck Connect is your one-stop-shop for all career development resources from sample resumes and cover letters, interviewing tips and tricks, licensing resources, LCSW Supervision list and so much more. This information is all housed on Dworak-Peck Connect so that it continues to stay exclusive to you, our Trojan Family.

Sample of resources on Dworak-Peck Connect:

Career Development Resources

  • Download Sample Resumes and Cover Letters 
  • How to Write a Cover Letter
  • How to Write a Professional Social Work Resume (Adobe Connect)
  • How to Write a Federal Resume
  • How I Got My Job: Alumni Tell All !
  • Grace Gets Real on the Job Search
  • The Art of Interviewing
  • Job Offers & Salary Negotiation
  • LA County DMH: How to Apply & What It's Like to Work There
  • Pacific Clinics & San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health: Panel Discussion
  • Work It With Juan Videos: Hosted by Juan Macias, MSW '02 who shares his expertise in professional development to help you stay up-to-date with your practice and grow your career.
  • LinkedIn Demo

Licensing Resources

  • Guide to becoming an LCSW
  • Includes resources on both California and National Licensure 
  • How become an LCSW in California
  • ASW Supervisory List
  • California Law and Ethics Review
  • LCSW Exam and Study Resources and Discount Codes for USC Social Work Alumni

Dworak-Peck Connect

Once you are part of Dworak-Peck Connect, you can:

  • Explore the community to connect with other students and alumni who share your interests.
  • When you have found someone to connect with, click the Let's Connect button to send a message or request a meeting.
  • Can’t connect with someone in person? Use the video chat feature to connect.
  • Use the discussion board to communicate with fellow alumni.
  • You can also try joining one or more groups, which allow you to connect based on geographic region, areas of practice or identity.

Learn more about Dworak-Peck Connect platform and step-by-step registration information.

How to Connect

Not connected yet? You can join the Dworak-Peck Connect community with these four steps:

  1. Look for an e-mail from swalumni@usc.edu with “Welcome to Dworak-Peck Connect” in the subject line. This email will contain a personalized link to set up your profile. Can’t find this email? Contact swalumni@usc.edu for your personalized link.
    • Incoming students will be able to sign up for Dworak Peck Connect 48-72 hours after enrolling in classes.
  2. Build your profile and catch people’s attention by uploading a photo and writing a headline.
  3. Decide how often you want to be contacted.
  4. Share your areas of expertise.
  5. Visit Dworak-Peck Connect often to participate in our USC social work community.


How can I get the most out of Dworak-Peck Connect?

Be active! Ask questions, connect with new people and check out the resources section. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone. People are waiting for you to connect with them. Everyone in our community is here to support you.

How do I get started to offer my experience/expertise to others?

First, make sure to complete your profile, your areas of expertise, and how you can help. You can use LinkedIn to automatically fill in some of your information. Set your availability preferences to indicate how much time you can commit and how many people you’d like to connect with at one time.

If you get a request, we hope you'll accept it, but you do have the option to decline someone if you simply don't have time or think it's the wrong fit.

How can I help people who want to connect with me?

Share your experiences and career journey with other alumni and students. Help them define their own goals and support them as they work toward those goals. Be a resource as they develop their career interests and face new challenges. Stay committed to your connections and make an effort to communicate regularly.

Why connect?

For a variety of reasons. Networking and informational interviewing can expand your contacts and build your knowledge of fields of interest to advance your own career, but it also feels great to pay it forward. You can help other members of the community unlock their potential by offering your own experiences, expertise, and recommendations. Giving your time and expertise to others in the DPC community is a great way to build your own coaching and leadership skills.

What do I do once I've connected with someone?

Let them know how you want to communicate (phone, email, in person, etc.) and how often. Think about what you'd like to share about yourself.

What if I don't know what to say when I connect with someone?

Ask some genuine open ended "what" and "how" questions. For example, "What are you passionate about in your career?" Let your curiosity guide you!

I reached out to someone, and did not receive a response. What should I do?

Give them a few days and try sending a follow-up message. If you're still having issues, feel free to reach out to the administrators at sdp.support@usc.edu

What devices/browsers support video chat?

Dworak-peck Connect supports video chat on modern browsers and operating systems, with the expectation of the Safari internet browser and operating systems. We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on your laptop or desktop computer, or a video chat service (e.g., FaceTime or Skype) on your mobile device.