Research Conference Papers

Shaping a Science of Social Work - May 23, 2011

"It’s Not about Fish and Bicycles — We Need a Science of Social Work," John Brekke, University of Southern California

"Shifting to Social Work Science in the Service of Practice and Policy," Jerry Flanzer, San Jose State University

"Framing Education for a Science of Social Work: Missions, Curriculum, and Doctoral Training," Rowena Fong, University of Texas at Austin

"Uses of History in Creating New Futures: A Science-Informed Social Work," Eileen Gambrill; University of California, Berkeley

"The Coming Crisis in Social Work? Some Thoughts on Social Work and Science," Jeffrey Longhofer and Jerry Floersch, Rutgers University

"A Response to ‘The Coming Crisis in Social Work? Some Thoughts on Social Work and Science' by Jeffrey Longhofer and Jerry Floersch," Stan Houston; Queen’s University, Belfast

"Training Social Work Scholars: A Response to ‘Framing Education for a Science of Social Work: Missions, Curriculum, and Doctoral Training’ by Rowena Fong," David E. Pollio, University of Alabama

"Understanding Social Work in the History of Ideas," Haluk Soydan, University of Southern California

Los Angeles Conference on Intervention Research in Social Work - October 22, 2009

"Beyond Evidence-Based Practice: Nine Ideal Features of a Mental Health Intervention," Gary R. Bond, Robert E. Drake, & Deborah R. Becker, Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center

"Critical Time Intervention: Results from a Randomized Trial to Prevent Homelessness in Persons with Severe Mental Illness following Institutional Discharge," Daniel Herman, Sarah Conover, Prakash Gorroochurn, Kinjia Hinterland, Lorie Hoepner, Ezra Susser

"Doing Research in the Real World: Studying Chicago Police Department's Crisis Intervention Team CIT Program," Amy C. Watson, Jane Addams College of Social Work, University of Illinois at Chicago

"Hypnotherapy Under Fire: Efficacy of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy in the Treatment of Iraq War Veterans with Post-traumatic Stress," Jeffrey Scott Yarvis, Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

"Limitations of Administrative Data in Assessing Long-term Outcomes of a Model Program for Pregnant Incarcerated Women," Sheryl Pimlott Kubiak, Natalie Kasiborski, Emily Schmittel, Michigan State University

"Mental Health Care for Low-Income Minority Populations in General Health Safety Net Care Systems: A Need for Social Work Clinical Trial Research, Kathleen Ell, Pey-Jiuan Lee, Bin Xie, University of Southern California

"Moving Toward Effective Community Prevention Practices: Opportunities for Social Work Education," J. David Hawkins, Valerie B. Shapiro, University of Washington; Abigail A. Fagan, University of South Carolina

"Preventing Childhood Aggression and Bullying: Implications for School-Based Intervention Research from the Denver Public Schools Trial," Jeffrey M. Jenson, University of Denver, and William A. Dieterich, Northpointe Institute for Public Management

"Social and Character Development in Elementary School: Effects from a Cluster Randomized Trial," Mark W. Fraser, Shenyang Guo, Alan R. Ellis, Steven H. Day, Jilan Li, Traci L. Wike, University of North Carolina School of Social Work; Thomas W. Farmer, Pennsylvania State University School of Education