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USC Website Resources and Guidelines

This information is provided to guide USC faculty, staff and research groups on the website related services provided by the University, the University web policies and other non University web resources.

USC Publishing Personal Web Pages (Faculty and Staff)

USC Personal Web Pages. USC provides faculty and staff 1 GB of network drive space to create basic HTML personal web pages on the USC web server. This page provides setup information for creating a personal web page as well as information on uploading content to the USC web server.

  • Faculty and staff are responsible for creating the content of their personal web pages.
  • CWIS accounts need to be renewed at the end of each fiscal year (June 30). If you don’t remember to renew your account, it will be disabled.

USC Web Hosting Accounts for USC Organizational Units (CWIS)

CWIS computing accounts give users access to, the USC web server. These accounts enable web publishing for academic, research, administrative and service units, university-affiliated faculty/staff organizations and professional organizations with a USC web site maintainer. For assistance with your CWIS account, call the ITS Customer Support Center at 213-740-5555 or send an email to

  • Access to an official USC web site
  • Access to Google Site Search on your website

USC Web Design Services

USC Information Technology Services offers web design and development services to help customers develop web strategies and build cutting-edge websites through their Web Services team. This service is available to all USC schools and units.

Website Consulting Services Provided by the School

The Web Strategy team at the Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work provides all current faculty, staff and related school centers, complementary consulting on website projects and social media strategy related to the school. Contact us by email for guidance on website branding, design, technical issues, web marketing and social media. For larger web projects we offer in-person consultation to help prepare your team and recommend USC approved vendors for your project.

Third Party Website Hosting and Development Providers

Selecting an outside vendor for your website hosting and or development needs may provide more flexibility and platform options than websites hosted inside the USC / ITS Infrastructure. Numerous providers offer low cost monthly hosting and maintenance packages for HTML, Wordpress, Drupal and other website platforms.

Hosting and web development provider examples:

  • Rackspace – Website hosting (HTML, Wordpress, Drupal and others), Design - Approved USC vendor
  • WPEngine – Managed Wordpress website hosting
  • Godaddy – Website hosting (HTML, Wordpress, Drupal and others), Design, Domains
  • Godaddy Pro Connect Directory. Resource of Web Design companies and individual web designers.
  • Drupal Gardens – Free / low cost Template based basic Drupal website hosting
  • Acquia – Cloud based Drupal website hosting - Approved USC vendor
  • Urban Insight – Website development (Drupal, Drupal, Mobile and Web apps) - Approved USC vendor

Website Creation Tips

USC Web Site Checklist

General guidelines for developing Web sites at USC. Designers should check with schools for department-specific requirements.

  • A link to the USC home page (
  • Contact information (e.g., email or Web form)
  • An official USC logo (in adherence to USC Graphic Identity Program Guidelines)

USC Website Policy and Privacy Requirement

  • General Policies
  • Web Site Policies
  • Privacy of Personal Information
    Online Collection of Personal Information: University departments that collect personal information on their webpages must post a link to this privacy policy and inform consumers about a ny persons or entities outside the university with whom they may share personal information collected online.

Website Branding Policy

Web Site Accessibility
In compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, the university is committed to making the USC Web sites accessible to everyone.

HTTPS - Website Encryption
We recommend all websites are build with HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure). This is the secure version of HTTP, the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website you connect to. The 'S' at the end of HTTPS stands for 'Secure'. It means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted. Here are four primary reasons to use HTTPS.

  • SEO: Google recommends HTTPS and will give a SEO ranking boost to secure sites.
  • SECURITY: SSL protects your site data from hackers and improves the privacy of your visitors. It encrypts all the data transferred over the web including form submissions and credit card transactions.
  • COMMENCE: For websites that take payments or collected sensitive data, SSL is non-negotiable.
  • AFFORDABILITY: At one time SSL certificates could be expensive, but now switching to SSL (HTTPS) is both practical and affordable.

USC.EDU Website Addresses

USC websites are hosted on many different servers, both inside and outside of the USC network. In order to request that a specific website address be directed to a specific server. Websites must comply with all USC policies and implement USC’s web branding guidelines.

Online Survey Tool – Qualtrics

School of Social Work Qualtrics All Faculty and students are entitled to a Qualtrics Survey Software account. Do not use the Qualtrics survey tool to collect personally identifiable information, such as health information, social security number, drivers licenses, or credit card numbers. If you have questions, please call the USC Information Security Office at (213) 821-2614.

No endorsement is expressed or implied for any vendors or services listed.