Listserv Requests

To change your email address use this page to first request to have your old email address REMOVED from the list. Then use this page to request that your NEW email address be added to the list.

Please check the lists you want to be added to or removed from. You may check more than one list. The process is manual and may take several business days. List membership is subject to the approval of the list owners. You may not be allowed to join every list.

All School (sowkall-l)
Tenure Track Faculty (sowkttf-l)
Adjunct/Part Time Faculty (sowkaffac-l)
Clinical Faculty (sowkclinical-l)
Field Faculty (sowkfield-l)
Social Work Staff (sowkstaff-l)
Administrative Staff (sowkadminstf-l)
Social Work Center (SWC) building occupants (sowkswc-l)
Montgomery Ross Fisher (MRF) building occupants (sowkmrf-l)