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Faculty and Staff digital guidelines

Guidelines for active and non-active social work faculty and staff

USC NetID account
All USC faculty, staff, and students receive a USC NetID account that enables them to access a wide variety of computing resources at USC. Visit the ITS website to activate your USC NetID account and change your password. email
ITS provides active USC faculty and staff with a unique email address and access to Microsoft Office 365, a modern collaboration platform that includes a full-featured email system with web access, integrated calendaring, a campus contacts directory, support for mobile device access, 50 gigabytes of email storage, and 1 terabyte of document storage. All university-related email communications should be conducted using your assigned email address or a department-assigned email address. Activate your USC email account.

Faculty/staff email accounts are automatically terminated by ITS within 30 days of last employment date. Retirees with at least 10 years of benefits-eligible employment at the university and who are 55 years or older upon completion of employment at USC can join the Emeriti Center and continue access to their email account through the center.

Website faculty bio pages and faculty/staff directory
The primary contact information for all faculty and staff is managed by Human Resources. Individuals may update selected information in Workday that is accessed via the USC Employee Gateway after entering your USC NetID. Within 30 to 60 days of employment, all faculty and staff are added to the school directory, and faculty are included in the faculty directory. Faculty members are strongly encourage to email additional information including school degrees, CV, publications, awards, research interests, and a short biography to complete their faculty bio page. Faculty bio pages are generally removed from the website within 60 days of leaving the school. Faculty and staff listings in the school directory are also generally removed 60 days.

Schoolwide email lists
Subscriptions to sowkall-l, sowkfaculty-l, sowkfield-l, sowkwellness-l and other USC School of Social Work lists are managed by the USC Mailing Lists Service website. Log in using your USC NetID account to view all lists and manage your subscriptions. Some lists such as sowkall-l are managed by the Social Work Human Resources department. Upon leaving the school, faculty and staff are generally removed from the primary school email lists within 60 days, or during the annual list maintenance process. In some cases, adjunct faculty addresses may be left on the list in anticipation of them returning to teach in a future semester.

Digital newsletter subscriptions
Subscriptions to most school-affiliated digital newsletters can be managed at any time by the individual by clicking the unsubscribe link displayed within the email newsletter. Subscriptions to the internal newsletters automatically terminates upon leaving the school generally within 60 days.