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California Social Welfare Archives

Established in 1979, the California Social Welfare Archives (CSWA) maintains one of the most extensive and complete collections of California social welfare history. The volunteer-based group collects, preserves and makes available historically significant information that documents the emergence of social problems and the development of social welfare answers in California. Primarily the historical records of health and social welfare organizations, as well as the personal papers and oral histories of prominent individuals, these materials serve as original sources for academic and community researchers and social policy analysts. CSWA conducts its activities under the auspices of the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work, with its collections housed in the Department of Special Collections in Doheny Memorial Library.

California Social Work Hall of Distinction

In a unique forum under the auspices of the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work and California Social Welfare Archives, the California Social Work Hall of Distinction was created in 2002 to honor the contributions of the state's social work leaders and pioneers and preserve their legacies for future generations. Credited with identifying a vision of how things could be better in their communities, these individuals helped shape social welfare with their actions and ability to inspire others. New nominees whose work is deemed of significant and lasting impact are inducted each year at the group's annual award luncheon.


Telehealth is a virtual, outpatient behavioral and mental health clinic that uses videoconferencing technology to provide evidence-based care. Telehealth serves a broad range of clients with diverse demographic backgrounds and motivations for seeking therapy. The clinic has successfully served more than 2,000 clients and provided nearly 20,000 sessions since its launch in 2012.