A Message from Dean Sarah Gehlert on the 2020 Presidential Election

Dear USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work Community:

As the 2020 presidential race concludes with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris elected to lead our country as President and Vice President, we are entering a time of reflection where we can move beyond a divisive and polarizing period. As many of our nation’s challenges are deeply rooted and pervasive, the path forward will not be easy, and change will not happen overnight. However, this next chapter in our nation’s history may present opportunities for broken policies and government systems to be repaired, and a new sense of leadership to be restored.

We must be also be sensitive to the fact that the margin of victory in this election demonstrates that our country still remains deeply divided. Moving forward we need to be willing to come together as Americans, listen to one another, embrace our differences, and make every effort to find common ground.

Despite the outcome, the election’s aftermath may present additional trauma for some students, and I encourage students to visit the USC Student Health website for information regarding the university’s virtual mental health and wellness services. Please continue to turn to your professors for support and I welcome messages from all students, regardless of political preference.

It is my hope that under new direction and through the advocacy of social work and nursing, our country can be characterized for its civil discourse, respect for evidence-based science and the continuous pursuit of social justice and social good for all.


Dean Gehlert Signature

Sarah Gehlert, MA, MSW, PhD


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