Aging and Long Term Care-University Consortium for Children and Families (UCCF) Course


October 29 & November 5, 2019 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.


USC City Center Building 

1149 S. Hill Street, Suite H800

Los Angeles, CA 90015-2212

University Consortium for Children and Families (UCCF)
Juan Macias
Reservations: Cost:
$40 Refundable Deposit

This 2-day course will explore myths and stereotypes of aging, which may influence your ability to effectively assess and treat the elderly and their children and grandchildren who may be struggling to assist them with a myriad of physical, psychological and social needs. Moreover, when a senior has become a legal guardian of his or her grandchildren, prompt and appropriate assessment of mental status changes is crucial for meeting the needs of both ends of the lifespan. Topics will include: distinguishing "normal" aging changes in intellectual, cognitive and memory functioning from those which are a consequence of disease; introduction to the biopsychosocial model of assessment and Psychotherapeutic treatment of older adults.

The University Consortium for Children and Families (UCCF) is offering a limited number of spaces in courses free of charge exclusively to USC MSW and DSW alumni. This course offers 10 credit hours(CH)/Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

A $40 deposit will be refunded at the conclusion of the course, pending verification of your attendance. Note: Courses are offered on a one course, per student, per calendar year basis (January 1 through December 31), so please only register for one course.

These courses meet the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) criteria for Continuing Education (CEUs) for LCSWs in California. The courses are intended to help you stay apprised of recent developments and standards in clinical practice. To find out which courses are required for your licensure renewal, please visit the BBS website.