HighFlex/HyFlex Instruction For Campus-Based Programs

At the moment, the school is planning to administer its campus-based programs in a HighFlex/HyFlex format, which will allow students to attend class in person and virtually. The school’s online programs will continue to operate online. Attendance for the school’s campus-based programs will depend on local, state and federal public health guidelines. To learn more about HighFlex/HyFlex instruction, please watch the videos below.

Introduction to HighFlex/HyFlex

The Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work is adapting its campus-based MSW classes to HighFlex/HyFlex instruction to give students ultimate flexibility this fall semester. In this video, Associate Professor Devon Brooks introduces us to the HighFlex/HyFlex concept and its unique student experience.

MSW Course Spotlight: SOWK 630

Associate Professor Devon Brooks walks us through SOWK 630: Diversity, Social Justice, and Culturally Competent Social Work Practice. This unique course gives students a chance to reflect on critical issues related to diversity and social justice. Students will discuss timely issues, including Black Lives Matter and how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting society at large.