Faculty Directory

When it comes to earning an advanced degree, what you learn can be just as important as whom you learn it from. The USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work has consistently attracted well-respected scholars and researchers who not only expand the minds of students but also push the boundaries of their respective fields.

Lawrence Palinkas Lawrence A. Palinkas
Albert G. and Frances Lomas Feldman Professor of Social Policy and Health
Jennifer Parga Jennifer Parga
Clinical Associate Professor, Field Education
Tyan Parker Dominguez Tyan Parker Dominguez
Clinical Professor
Monica Perez Jolles Monica Perez Jolles
Assistant Professor
Betsy Phillips Betsy Phillips
Clinical Associate Professor, Field Education
John Prindle John Prindle
Research Assistant Professor, Children's Data Network
Michael Rank Michael Rank
Clinical Associate Professor
Rebecca Rebbe Rebecca Rebbe
Assistant Professor
Harmony Rhoades Harmony Rhoades
Research Associate Professor
Eric Rice Eric Rice
Associate Professor and Co-Director of the USC Center for Artificial Intelligence in Society
Cynthia Rollo-Carlson Cynthia Rollo-Carlson
Senior Lecturer, Virtual Academic Center
Lily Ross Lily Ross
Senior Lecturer
Cynthia Sanchez Cynthia Sanchez
Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing
Hannah Schilperoort Hannah Schilperoort
Librarian I
Erik Schott Erik Schott
Clinical Associate Professor
Sara Schwartz Sara Schwartz
Clinical Assistant Professor
Michal Sela-Amit Michal Sela-Amit
Clinical Associate Professor
Melissa Singh Melissa Singh
Clinical Associate Professor, Field Education
Candace Smith Candace Smith
Clinical Associate Professor, Field Education
Renee Smith-Maddox Renee Smith-Maddox
Clinical Professor and Diversity Liaison
Holly Priebe Sotelo Holly Sotelo
Clinical Associate Professor, Field Education
Ruth Ann Supranovich Ruth Ann Supranovich
Clinical Associate Professor and Director of Field Education
Shane'a Thomas Shanéa Thomas
Senior Lecturer
Dorian Traube Dorian Traube
Associate Professor
Avelardo Valdez Avelardo Valdez
Cleofas and Victor Ramirez Professor of Practice, Policy, Research and Advocacy for the Latino Population
Vivien Villaverde Vivien Villaverde
Clinical Associate Professor, Field Education
Benita Walton-Moss Benita Walton-Moss
Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Nursing
Debra Waters-Roman Debra Waters-Roman
Clinical Associate Professor, Field Education
Suzanne Wenzel Suzanne Wenzel
Richard M. and Ann L. Thor Professor in Urban Social Development and Associate Dean for Research, Administration
June Wiley June Wiley
Clinical Associate Professor