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Global Programs

We live in an increasingly interdependent global community. With this growing connectivity and absence of geographic borders comes responsibility. Our role as social workers is to promote the mutually reinforcing goals of community development and community empowerment. We must all work collectively to strengthen the impact of social work in a global context, especially amidst the economic, political, cultural and social influences shaping contemporary societies.

The Office of Global and Community Initiatives (OGCI) is responsible for international, national and community initiatives for the school. Taking an innovative approach to tackling social issues faced in the social work profession, OGCI ensures students and faculty are engaged globally and locally across universities, projects and social issues. Considering that people are at the forefront of all that we do as social workers, OGCI connects scholars and researchers with like-minded opportunities for collaboration, research and joint projects that directly impact communities.

All School Day event
Community Programs

One of the community programs at our school is All School Day that occurs each academic year, the entire Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work comes together to have a comprehensive discussion about a prevalent social issue, or wicked problem.
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Certificate Program - United Kingdom
Certificate Programs

The U.K. Post-Graduate Certificate Program is designed for MSW graduates who want to gain work experience overseas and learn about social work in an international setting in the United Kingdom.
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national Immersion - Washington DC
National Immersion Programs

This program offers national immersion opportunities for students to gain knowledge and insights into social work policy formation and practices in settings outside their home communities.
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global Immersion
Global Immersion Programs

Offering cross-cultural immersion opportunities for students to gain a deeper understanding of other cultures and models of social service in an international setting.
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Visiting Scholars - hands with world map
Visiting Scholars

To expand its global reach and international partnerships, the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work hosts distinguished academic faculty from abroad through its Visiting Scholars program.
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China - Hong Kong skyline
Research in China

This program provides innovative education and training opportunities for American and Chinese leaders in business, government, academia and nonprofits. The China Program encourages cross-national and multidisciplinary collaboration among schools within USC and beyond.
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people in conference room

In an effort to help bridge academic research with community and policy impact, the Office of Global Community Initiatives is currently working to create macro focused initiatives in two major areas: race relations in the US and issues faced by military veterans in the Pacific Rim.
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