Dual Degree Applicants

To enroll in a dual degree program, you must apply and be admitted to both professional schools. We strongly recommend that you apply to both schools at the same time, even though the application processes are completely separate and may have different timelines and requirements. It is important that you contact the other professional school to which you are applying to find out its deadlines and requirements. In the event you are admitted to only one of the two schools, you may choose to enter the admitting school in the standard program. Virtual Academic Center applicants are not eligible for any of the dual degree programs.

You must complete all six components listed in our application process, in addition to the following special instructions:

  • Online Graduate Admission Application: You must create and submit two online applications to USC (one for each school). However, you only need to pay the application fee once -- for whichever application is submitted first. For the application submitted second, you may waive the application fee in the "Application Information" section (question 11) by selecting the "I am applying to a dual degree program" option. Applicants for the MSW/PhD Direct program will need to submit two online applications -- one to the MSW program and another to the PhD program.
  • Transcript(s): You do not need to submit academic records directly to the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work; we have access to the documents you send to the USC Graduate Admission Office. If the other school to which you are applying also does not require academic records to be sent directly, then you will only need to send one set of transcripts to USC. All MSW/JD applicants will be required to send in two sets of transcripts -- one to the university for the MSW program and one directly to the law school.
  • Letters of Recommendation: All dual degree applicants must submit separate letters of recommendation to each program. Per university policy, professional schools are not allowed to share letters of recommendation. However, students applying to the MSW/PhD program will only need to submit one set of letters of recommendation to the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work.

Please refer to the dual degrees page for curriculum plans and contact information for each dual degree program.

Deadline: Dual degree applications must apply to the MSW program by Monday, December 14, 2020.

We invite you to contact our admissions manager if you have any questions about the dual degree programs.

Yessenia Carranza
Admissions Counselor