Tory Cox

Associate Director VAC Field Education Clinical Associate Professor of Social Work Field Education

Dr. Cox is an expert in maximizing leadership opportunities for emerging social work innovators.

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Tory Cox
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Rank:  Clinical Field
Department:  Social Change and Innovation
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Tory Cox

Associate Director VAC Field Education Clinical Associate Professor of Social Work Field Education

Dr. Cox is an expert in maximizing leadership opportunities for emerging social work innovators.

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Dr. Tory Cox, EdD, LCSW, PPSC, Clinical Associate Professor, is the Assistant Dean of Field Education and Director of the Virtual Academic Center’s Field Education program for USC’s Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work. He recently earned his doctorate in education from the USC Rossier School of Education in Organizational Change and Leadership. He was also the former Lead of the COBI Fellowship in Social Innovation, which won the CSWE/SAGE 2016 Award for Innovative Teaching in Social Work Education. Since 2010, he has been an Academic Advisor and Field Liaison for MSW students, served as Field Coordinator for the Community, Organization, Planning and Administration and Social Work and Business in a Global Society concentrations, and taught Integrative Seminar and Leadership courses. He recently co-edited the Oxford University Press text titled "School Social Work: National Perspectives on Practice in Schools," which won the National Book of the Year Award from the School Social Work Association of America, and is a contributing author to journals specializing in school-based social work. He is an Editorial Board member for NASW’s Children & Schools journal, the Past President of the California Association of School Social Workers, and the Treasurer for End Abuse, Long Beach (EALB), a child abuse and domestic violence prevention council in Long Beach, CA. In 2013, Prof. Cox received the Abuse Prevention Award from EALB and commendations from local, state, and federal legislators for his work in training future social workers. In 2010, Prof. Cox received the "Social Worker of the Year" award from NASW-CA's Region I, Long Beach Unit and “Most Inspirational Professor” for his work at the School of Social Work at California State University, Long Beach. Previously, he was a school social worker for 13 years with the Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD), serving as a Field Instructor for MSW student interns, among other duties, from Cal State Long Beach, UCLA, and Cal State Dominguez Hills social work programs. As the Lead School Social Worker for LBUSD from 2006-2010, he helped lead a team dedicated to prevention and intervention across the district through federally funded grant programs, community collaborations, attendance initiatives, and site-based direct practice.



California State University, Long Beach: M. S. W.
University of Southern California Rossier School of Education

Ed.D. 2017

Area of Expertise

  • Organizational Change and Leadership
  • Child Abuse
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Bullying
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Social Innovation
  • Virtual Learning
  • Higher Education Administration
  • Change Management

Industry Experience

  • Research
  • Education/Learning
  • Social Services

Grand Challenges

Harnessing Technology for Social Good

Through virtual education experience leading field placements across the country.

Healthy Development of all Youth

Ensuring the healthy development of all youth.


2017 SSWAA National Book Award Winner
"School Social Work: National Perspectives on Practice in Schools" was named SSWAA National Book Award Winner for 2017. Tory Cox co-edited the book with Leticia Villarreal-Sosa from the Dominican University in Chicago and Michelle Alvarez from the University of Southern New Hampshire.
2013 Abuse Prevention Award, End Abuse, Long Beach
Award representing my service in school social work, MSW intern supervision, and social work education over 25 year period.
NASW Region I Social Worker of the Year

Articles & Publications

Building Trauma-Informed Schools and Communities | Children & Schools
Walkley, Meg, and Tory L. Cox
2013 Traumatic events such as the school shootings in Sandy Hook and Columbine naturally call national media attention to the need for support services to assist the affected children and families. Much less in the media eye are the children attending school each week affected by toxic stress and trauma as a result of adverse childhood experiences such as chronic neglect and family violence. Regardless of the root of the trauma, those working in a capacity to support children can benefit from gaining a deeper understanding of how trauma affects child development and what intervention efforts have been effective in helping children heal...

Improving Educational Outcomes for Children and Youths in Foster Care | Children & Schools
Tory L. Cox
2012 Research is clear that many of the 800,000 children and youths in our nation's child welfare system face daunting life challenges (Zetlin, MacLeod, & Kimm, 2012). Although protecting children from abuse and neglect is a cornerstone of American child welfare policy, the life outcomes for these children and youths require that improvements be made. National outcomes reveal that half of all children and youths in foster care drop out of school (Zetlin et al., 2012), 25 percent are homeless 18 months after emancipating, and one-third become public welfare recipients (Casey Family Programs, 2003, as cited in Zetlin et al., 2012; Vacca, as cited in Zetlin et al., 2012)...