Brittani Morris

Clinical Associate Professor, Field Education

Clinical Assistant Professor focused on adults, children, adolescents, and families.

Media Contact
Brittani Morris
Phone:  +1 213.740.2711
Rank:  Clinical Field
Department:  Adult Mental Health and Wellness
Assignment:  VAC

Brittani Morris

Clinical Associate Professor, Field Education

Clinical Assistant Professor focused on adults, children, adolescents, and families.

Media Contact


BRITTANI MORRIS is a licensed clinical social worker who has provided direct-practice services to adults, children, adolescents and families while utilizing an eclectic combination of treatment models to empower clients and help them toward recovery within community mental health settings. Morris also has been a clinical supervisor, program manager, trainer and field instructor for both employees and graduate students.


University of Southern California

M.S.W. 2003

Scripps College: B.A.

Area of Expertise

  • Burnout Prevention
  • Field Instruction
  • Online Pedagogy
  • Mental Health Recovery
  • Social Work
  • Adults and Healthy Aging
  • Social Work Education
  • Direct Practice Services
  • Program Management
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Program Development

Industry Experience

  • Training and Development
  • Mental Health Care
  • Health Care - Providers
  • Health and Wellness
  • Education/Learning


Teaching Institute for Faculty Teaching Online course
University of Southern California Center for Excellence in Teaching. Certified May 2020

Articles & Publications

The virtual field practicum: Building core competencies prior to agency placement | Journal of Social Work Education

Phillips, E.S., Wood, G., Yoo, J., Ward, K., Hsiao, S., Singh, M. I., & Morris, B.
This article features an innovative course design that demonstrates how you can prepare students for their community based field placement experience.


I’m Not Working with ‘Them’: Upholding Social Justice in Field Practicum | USC website

Hilary Krutt
Within this article you will see how Dr. George, Dr. Ford and myself explore the concept of social justice in relation to student bias and anxiety in community based placements. We explore the hesitations of students to engage with certain populations and what can be done from a teaching and field instruction perspective to support students.


Virtual Field Practicum Simulates Real-world Clients for Online MSW Students | USC Website

Lynn Lipinski
Within this article you will learn about the innovative field course that has changed field education. Specifically, you will have access to both faculty and student perspectives.


Learning How to Make Progress Toward Goals When It Feels Like Life Is Holding You Back | USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work

Joseph Rendeiro
Interviewee and contributing author regarding Virtual Field Practicum and how the actor script was adapted for the COVID-19 pandemic, along with tips for caring for ourselves, clients, and loved ones during this time


The reality of diversity, gender & skin color: From the living room to the classroom | Cognella

Finney, K. & Fitzgerald T. (Eds)
Morris, B. (2020). Being a black and brown student in a predominant white institution This chapter explores the experiences of both BA and graduate candidate students of color and the challenges that they face in a predominately white campus environment. In general, colleges and universities all over the world claim to create a diverse environment welcome for all. However, the reality of the diverse scenario painted in websites and brochures is often a mirage. We will uncover that once students are admitted; many administrations face significant challenges to create inclusivity for students of color creating damaging unintended consequences for the students and the community at large. Beyond the normal adjustment of campus life students of color are facing a myriad of mental health and wellness issues that impact their academic performance and socialization. Through a series of structured interviews, we will understand the traumatizing discrimination, ranging from microaggressions to blatant discrimination.


Families navigate hard discussions about race, police and civil rights | Tampa Bay Times

Caitlin Johnston
This article features strategies to support difficult conversations with family around race relations and social justice.