Suzanne L. Wenzel
Interim Dean

ConcepciĆ³n (Concha) Barrio
Interim Executive Vice Dean

Carmen Frierson
Senior Vice Dean, Administration

Marleen Wong
Senior Vice Dean, Field Education

Scarlett Powers Osterling
Vice Dean, Strategic Initiatives and External Relations

Leslie Wind
Senior Associate Dean, Academic Programs and Chair of MSW Program

Maria Aranda
Executive Director of the USC Edward R. Roybal Institute Associate Professor of Social Work Dept. of Adult Mental Health and Wellness

Carl Castro
Director, Military and Veterans Programs

Michalle Mor Barak
Dean's Professor of Social Work and Business

Monica Ellis
Assistant Dean, Academic Operations

Joshua Watson
Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

June Wiley
Assistant Dean, Virtual Academic Center

Jeremy T. Goldbach
Senior Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs
Director, Center for LGBT Health Equity

Eugenia Weiss
Senior Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs RTPC Faculty

Carrie Lew
Associate Dean, DSW Program Director

Wendy Smith
Associate Dean, Curriculum Planning and Assessment

Charles Kaplan
Associate Dean, Research

Cherrie Short
Associate Dean, Global & Community Initiatives

Haluk Soydan
Senior Fellow, Global Research Impact

Daniel Hester
Director, International Programs

Steven Hong
Director, MIS

Donna Toulmin
Program Director, USC Center on Child Welfare

Terris Wolff
Chief Technology Officer, Information Technology